Why Should I Subscribe to The Defensive Investor?


If you have money to invest but don’t know what to do with it and are unhappy with the investing advice you have received to date, you should know that we have had many years of investing success using simple, easy to understand strategies. Subscribers to The Defensive Investor receive access to our watchlist of stocks and mutual funds and also receive access to our real life portfolio, with specific buy points and sell points. You won’t have to wonder how or when the decisions are made. You’ll see them happen in real time.



What Does it Cost to Subscribe to The Defensive Investor?


The cost of a subscription is $150 per year.



How Are We Different?


We are neither brokers nor money managers. We do not receive a fee for investing and receive no commissions from your transactions. Unlike the majority of investing sites and newsletters, our orientation is toward the investor who desires a solid return but is not prepared to accept excessive risk in doing so. As the name of our site states, we are Defensive Investors.



What Do I Get for my Subscription?


You will receive access to our real time portfolio, which will at various times include fixed income investments, bonds, stocks and mutual funds. When a position is entered or closed, you will know it in real time. You will also know the exact price that we paid and received, including commissions. In addition, you will receive access to our lists of selected stocks and mutual funds, investments that we consider either suitable for purchase or potentially suitable for purchase. These lists will be periodically updated. You will also receive access to our ongoing weblog, which will discuss investment strategies and current events as they pertain to our investments.



How Do I Subscribe:


You can subscribe either through Paypal (link on The Defensive Investor homepage), through credit card or by sending a check in the amount of $150 (per year) to:

The Defensive Investor, Inc.
PMB #86
248 Route 25A
East Setauket, NY 11733



What if I Wish to Cancel my Subscription?


You may cancel at any time. If you do so, the remainder of that year’s subscription will be returned to you (pro-rated from the end of the current month).