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A New Year (plus addendum)

2011 goes down as my most frustrating year. Not my worst, but definitely my most frustrating. The market kept going through my buy points, reversing down past my sell points and then doing it all again. I bought and sold much more this past year than I usually do and in the end, I wound up little changed. The Dow was up over 5% for the year. The S & P was at breakeven. The Nasdaq was down 1.8% and both the Russell and the New York Stock Exchange Index were down over 5%. Very strange to have this much divergence in the major averages. In the end, I was down 2.25%. I could claim that my performance was in line with “the market” but I have always referred to the action of the S & P as my market benchmark, and so for the sake of consistency, this goes down as a year where I did not do as well as the market. Still, mine is a defensive strategy and my average risk was less than that of the market as a whole and my performance since 2000 is still considerably better than that of any of the major benchmarks. Here’s hoping for a happy new year!

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